Opening of new production laboratory in the University of food technologies in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Continuing our long term cooperation with the University of food technologies in Plovdiv we built a completely new production laboratory in department of dairy science and technology. Company DONIDO installed completely automated pasteurizing unit for milk with capacity 500 l/h, pilot module for production of white cheese in brine with moulding in block-moulds and cheese vat with volume 500 l.

With the start up of the new production laboratory we shall create possibility for more practice lessons of the student in similar to real factory conditions. It will create possibilities for new scientific studies in the field of dairy science and technologies.
In association with the best scientists in Bulgaria in the field of dairy technology, the experts of DONIDO shall continue to improve its equipment, so it is best suited to meet the requirements of technology.

DONIDO would like to express special thanks for the cooperation to the Rector of the University prof. Kolyo Dinkov DSc (Eng.) and the Department of dairy science and technologywith its head prof. Radka Vlaseva Ph.D. (Eng.) and docent Petar Panayotov Ph.D (Eng.).